About Us

Friends, my name is Krunal.I do computer and laptop repairing.

Laptop Reparing
Laptop Reparing

Blogging is my hobby, so friends, I have created a website.

I have been doing laptop and computer repairing since the last 7 years. I became an expert in computer and laptop repairing.

I have created a website for sharing the knowledge that I have collected My friends I have also created a You Tube channel. Giving the link below.


krunal computer
krunal computer

My chanel name is “krunal computer”. I have put a lot of videos of computer and laptop repairing in this channel. You can see it if you want.

My friends have also created a Facebook page, you can see it if you want it. facebook page name is ‘pcinfo”. Giving the link below


I have repaired a lot of laptop Motherboards So that I have become expert on reparing laptop Motherbord.

I sell all types of laptops and computers (New and Old)