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SSD FAQ | SSD Drive Question AND Answer

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              SSD FAQ 

What is SSD?

SSD is new generation Solid State Drive. SSD made by only solid part not any mechanical part in this.
The Oldest traditional hard disk made by mechanical part like head, spindle motor, magnet, disks, etc. So oldest traditional hard disk read write speed very pour than ssd drive.


What is full form of SSD?

SSD full form is “Solid State Drive”


Is SSD  Faster  than HDD?

Yes, SSD is 10x faster than HDD.  SSD has Faster boot times, Faster application loading times, and better system responsiveness.
SSD has faster reading and writing speed. SSD Read/Write speed approx 300 to 600Mbps
                      SSD  VS  HDD

Is SSD  more Power efficient than HDD?

 Yes ssd is more power efficient than hdd  SSD don’t have any moving parts, they use a less power to function.
SSD power consume only 1w. Respectively, users can benefit from longer battery life for their laptop


Is ssd generate Heat?

SSD are no moving parts so  SSD generates less heat, helping to increase its life and reliability


Is ssd generate Noise?

NO,SSD have no moving parts so SSD generates no noise. all company SSD is noise less


Is SSD weight is low than HDD?

  • Yes, SSD weight is low than HDD . SSD drives are lighter than HDD drives because they do not have any moving part like  rotating disks, spindle motor, magnet etc.   
  • SSD weight approx 73gm while HDD weight approx 365gm. The moving parts of HDD make it heavier than SSD


Is SSD Temperature rang is bigger than HDD?

  • Yes,  Most SSD are running within a Temperature range of 0ºC up to a max temp of 70ºC. And HDD Tempratior range is 5ºC to 55ºC


How long Life SSD Drive?

        Approx 10 years


Do SSD drives need to be Defragmentation?


No, ssd drive no need Defragmentation.
      Defragmentation to improve performance but not actually required In SSD drive.


How do I extend the life of my SSD?

  •      Dont Fill Your SSD to Full Capacity.
  •       Dont  Run Defragmentation On Your SSD.
  •        Turn Off Hibernation in windows system.

Most Benefits of a SSD drive

  • No noise
  • Lower heat emission.
  • Lower power consumption so that Longer battery life for laptops
  • Much more resistant to shock and vibration
  • higher transfer rates for reading and writing files than hdd .
  • ssd is 10x faster than Hdd SSD  ssd Faster boot times, Faster application loading times


How may type of SSD available in Market?

2.5” normal SSD,    M.2 SSD,   M.2 Nvme SSD  and PCI-E  SSD  available in Market



What is the difference between SSD and  M.2 SSD?

M.2 SSDs are designed in thin, power-saver devices used in Ultrabook and tablet computers.
M.2 are generally smaller than normal SSD
m.2 are two type
1.M.2 normal SSD
2 M.2 nvme SSD

Can i install SSD on any laptop?

Yes, you can. Adding an SSD can improve any laptop’s performance, you can wath this video.  HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/PIHKBCCM3HG


Can I use SSD and HDD at the same time?

Yes,You can use both SSD and HDD at the same time to improve the computer and laptop performance.
You may want to know how to do it you can whach this video.  HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/DTOUROD_LOC


SSD price is high than normal HDD?

Yes, SSD price is 3x time higher than normal HDD.


Can i install SSD on any Desktop computer?

Yes, you can use SSD in any computer.  you see detail video in this link


What is inside Of SSD?

Inside ssd only logic Bord. No any Moving part in SSD


Can I use SSD as a Pendrive?

Yes, you can use SSD Drive as a Pen drive.
With the help of  2.5inch USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure Case Cover” for SATA SSD  and you use SSD as a Pendrive.


SSD and HDD both Power and SATA connector are same?

Yes, SSD and HDD both power and SATA connector are same.


How do I test SSD speed?

crystalDiskMark  info  is the best software for test SSD read/write speed. 
crystalDiskMark  software  is a totally free software. This software download link here.     HTTPS://CRYSTALMARK.INFO/EN/


How do I check the health of  SSD?

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional  is the best software for check SSD Health
Hard Disk Sentinel Professional  software is a free and paid version available. This software download link here   HTTPS://WWW.HDSENTINEL.COM/DOWNLOAD.PHP


Can Deleted Data be Recovered from SSD?


Yes, data can recovered from SSD with the help of data recovery Software.
Recuva is the best data recovery software. this software is free Recuva can recover pictures, videos, documents, music, or any other file type you have lost in SSD.
Recuva software download link here



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